Exclusive D-Tech iPhone Smartphone and iPad Tablet Cases

A few years ago, Disney began to to sell tech accessories such as iPhone cases, neoprene laptop sleeves and USB hubs under the D-Tech label.  With so many designs available in store and online I was surprised that I could not find any Disney Cruise Line designs.  I figured the Parks would not have any Cruise Line designs, but I expected the online store to have something.

Usually, the Disney Parks Blog will have a write up on new D-Tech merchandise, but there was never a mention of any Disney Cruise Line designs.  I was not holding my breath, but I kept holding out hope that there would be some Disney Cruise Line D-Tech gear on-board.  I was relieved to see an iPhone case and a tablet sleeve in Mickey’s Mainsail on the [Disney_Dream] and again on the [Disney_Fantasy].

The iPhone case is plastic and comes with a screen guard for $32.95.  Personally, I prefer the flexible, silicon cases that wrap around the front of the phone.  Merchandising, if you are reading this, how about a Disney Cruise Line logo case similar to this.

The tablet case is zippered sleeve made of neoprene, and is large enough to fit almost any tablet  currently on the market for $19.95.

I’ve had this iPad case in my hand more than I can count, but never did buy it.  As much as I wanted the case, I did not want to spend the $20 so soon after purchasing a black Mickey Mouse iPad sleeve.  I just might pick one up in December if they are still available.

Custom D-Tech iPhone Cases

There have been reports from passengers on the Disney Dream that there was a test of print on demand, custom D-Tech cases.

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