Castaway Club Members Say Goodbye to the Handsome On Board Rebooking Credit

DCL_CastawayClubLogoDisney recently modified their on board booking policy which mostly affects Gold & Platinum level Castaway Club members. The new policy no longer takes into consideration your Castaway Club level status when determining shipboard credit for the cruise. In the past, Disney Cruise Line offered handsome shipboard credits ranging from $100/$150/$200 for 3-6 night and $200/$275/$350 on 7-Night or longer sailings based on your Castaway Club status of Silver/Gold/Platinum. Now it is down to $100 or $200.

New On Board Rebooking Shipboard Credits (May 2012)

  • $100 for 3-6 night cruises
  • $200 for 7 night or longer cruises

So you say, OK I can deal with this, it is no big deal…. Well, there is a catch for those who book dummy dates. Changing the booking to a new date will now be subject to the new shipboard credit limits. For example, you are a Gold Castaway Club member and you booked a 7-Night Western on your last cruise which you were given $275 shipboard credit. Now, lets say you are forced to reschedule this cruise due unforeseen reasons, or it was a dummy date and you moved it to another 7-night sailing. Like magic, you just lost $75 faster than you can say Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.

Ultimately, this is taking away one of the major perks of Gold & Platinum members for future on board bookings.

For now the 10% discount for on board booking and the other Castaway Club benefits (see below) are still intact.

Castaway Club Benefits

Castaway Club Benefits

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