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The Bayou

The Bayou is one of the cruise line's lounge venues inspired by The Princess and the Frog.


3 Midship
7/14/22 - Present

Guests looking for New Orleans-inspired good time can go down to The Bayou, an informal lounge themed to “The Princess and the Frog.” Flourishing with magnolia blossoms, lily pads and a canopy of twinkling fireflies overhead, this space evokes the magical marsh where Tiana and Naveen take refuge in the film. Bronze statues of each character are featured prominently in the décor, and two gazebos on either side of the bar, inspired by the city’s iconic wrought-iron metalwork structures, provide intimate seating for small groups. This centrally located venue offers creative cocktails, specialty coffees and signature beignets in a lively, social atmosphere complete with live entertainment and musical performances.