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Pink: Wine and Champagne Bar

Pink: Wine and Champagne Bar is one of the cruise line's lounge venues inspired by Dumbo which is part of The District.


4 Aft
1/26/11 - Present

Elegant and upscale, Pink: Wine and Champagne Bar is an intimate cocktail bar serving top-shelf wines and liquor as well as the bubbly beverage of choice ... champagne. Inspired by French art nouveau style and characterized by flowing, fluid forms, the entire venue makes guests feel as though they are immersed in a bottle of France’s finest.

As guests sip some of the world’s preeminent champagnes, sparkling wines and proseccos, they are enveloped in the enchanting, playful feel of the venue. Back-lit inset glass “bubbles” covering the walls create the effect of cascading, effervescent champagne. The famous pink elephants from the Disney animated classic “Dumbo” appear to dance in the bubbles.

A feature wall behind the bar with dew drop-shaped glass in pink and gold gives the impression of champagne bottles bursting with bubbly. Light fixtures of sculpted glass are reminiscent of champagne flutes, bar chairs seem as if they are made from sparkling glass and designs along the bar fascia resemble the cage around the top of a champagne bottle.

Pink is the ideal setting for a pre-dinner aperitif, late-night toast and all romantic moments in between. A special Taittinger Prestige Rose is the signature sparkling in Pink.