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Vibe is one of the cruise line's youth club venues.


11 Midship
10/16/10 - Present

11 Midship
9/20/11 - Present

5 Forward
1/26/11 - Present

5 Forward
3/31/12 - Present

12 Aft Starboard
7/14/22 - Present

12 Aft Starboard
12/21/24 - Present

While the Vibe experience aboard each ship differs, the idea behind them is the same: Vibe provides guests ages 14 to 17 with their own special place where they can break off from the family and connect with other teens from around the world. Designed with their interests in mind, each lounge is laden with amenities and activities that will keep them engaged and entertained while encouraging them to mingle. The stylish space is inspired by a French artists’ loft with classic architecture, vibrant neon signs and funk pop art, including a selfie-worthy Mickey Mouse statue.