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it’s a small world nursery

it’s a small world nursery is one of the cruise line's youth club venues inspired by it's a small world.


5 Midship Port
7/30/98 - Present

5 Midship Port
8/15/99 - Present

5 Midship Port
1/26/11 - Present

5 Midship Port
3/31/12 - Present

2 Midship Port
7/14/22 - Present

2 Midship Port
12/21/24 - Present

For the littlest cruisers ages 6 months to 3 years, It’s a Small World Nursery offers babysitting services in a whimsical environment inspired by the classic Disney attraction of the same name. Here, little ones play games, make crafts, watch movies, read books and even spend time with special Disney friends — all under the expert care of Disney-trained counselors.

In the nursery’s main play area on the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, children are welcomed by cheerful, three-dimensional façades resembling the nursery’s namesake Disney attraction. Interactive, hands-on features, such as horns that honk, wheels that spin and buttons to press, are sure to delight curious kids. A boat in the center of the room “floats” on a river pattern along the soft-surface floor and is surrounded by colorful, kid-sized tables and chairs for toddlers to enjoy crafts, books and games.

At the back of the nursery, a separate room with a serene motif and a calm, quiet atmosphere is reserved for naptime.

On the Disney Wish, toddlers take a playful trip around the world in the company of Disney, Pixar and Marvel characters reimagined as “it’s a small world” dolls. Each section of the space is themed to different areas of the world, with characters grouped by their homelands.

In the play room, magical murals feature interactive hand cranks that trigger delightful effects. Little ones can spark a cascade of ice magic from Elsa’s hand, send Aladdin and Jasmine swaying on the magic carpet, uncover Flynn Rider as he clings to Rapunzel’s enchanted tresses, and more. A toy train chugs along the ceiling, filling the space with colorful lights, playful sounds and kinetic energy.