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Luna is one of the cruise line's entertainment venues inspired by La Luna.


4 Midship
7/14/22 - Present

Disney Cruise Line considers Luna the town square accompanying the Grand Hall. Luna evokes the warmth and enchantment of beloved Disney stories with a unique gathering space with a celestial design inspired by the Disney and Pixar short La Luna. By day, it’s a hub of family fun, and at night it transitions to an elegant lounge for adults.

This stylish venue is outfitted with a whimsical stage, a 2-story LED screen, a full-service bar and spacious seating – creating an energetic atmosphere on the lower level that buzzes with community and life. For a more intimate setting, the balcony offers the perfect spot for festivities in small groups, with secluded seating in semiprivate booths.


Below is a list of menus from Luna.