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Captain Ron

Captain Ron Movie Poster
Runteime: 1 hr 30 mins Rated: PG-13
Theatrical: Sep 18, 1992
Sep 3, 2002

A stressed-out executive and his overworked wife and two kids embark on a cruise with Captain Ron, Ahab-for-hire, a bedraggled and dreadlocked happy-go-lucky guy with a sketchy history and questionable nautical skills.

To my knowledge, Captain Ron has never been shown on the ships unless you count watching it on my laptop. The film was released under Disney's Touchstone Pictures distribution label due to the rating at the time. This is one of our family's favorite films that we pretty much have memorized. It is a fun film that we will watch when we are packing for a cruise or just looking for a 90 minute escape to the Caribbean.