Castaway Club Commemorative Display Honoring Installed with Inaugural Family Names

Today, Disney Cruise Line revealed the first look at the Castaway Club Commemorative Display installed near the pier across from Marge’s Barges at Castaway Cay. The display honors Castaway Club members who have completed 50 or more Disney cruises.

DCL Castaway Club Commemorative Display Inagural Names

On Sunday, October 15, 2023, we captured the following pictures of the installation before names and nautical decor were added.

Announced in August, the all new commemorative display at Castaway Cay honors families who have sailed 50 or more times with Disney Cruise Line. The commemorative display was added to Disney Castaway Cay mid-October 2023 recognizing the legacy and heart of the long time Castaway Club members.

Eligible Castaway Club members will have the opportunity to select one of the uniquely Disney nautical icons below to accompany their family’s name on the display.

DCL Castaway Cay 50 Cruises Commemorative Display Icons

For more details about the program terms and conditions, eligible Castaway Club Members can refer to the order form linked in their emailed invitation or on their Castaway Club page after signing in.

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  1. mike

    I think it is kind of silly. 50 cruises doesn’t mean longevity, just an affinity to the brand. Take someone who sailed in 1998 and is still sailing today, who might not have 50 cruises. That is a long time customer.


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