Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast – Episode 7: Fall 2017 Itineraries

On this week’s podcast we are going to talk about the recently announced itineraries for fall of 2017.

There is a correction I made in the podcast and the graphic below goes along with my update. Basically, I suggested that a Disney Dream back to back (12/22 & 12/26) may be a cheaper alternative to the Disney Fantasy’s double dip over Christmas… I was wrong except for concierge pricing, but that could come down to the limited availability for those rooms and what was already booked.

DreamMoreFantasyDec2017 Calculation


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4 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast – Episode 7: Fall 2017 Itineraries”

  1. Anne

    Excellent podcast ! We listened to it over breakfast – before our own cruise tomorrow! Perfect start of the day.
    This length was more to my taste but I understand some discussions my require longer podcasts.
    Well done !

  2. Ken Cowen

    Interesting podcast as always. We looked at the Panama for 2017 but although the cruise is cheap the cost of flights from the UK (one way to Florida and one way from San Diego) are not, more than tripled the cost so we ruled that one out. We will probably do the Northern European in May 2017 and the Eastern Caribbean in November 2017.

  3. Liz

    Actually transatlantic crossings can take as little as 5 days. Ships and cruise lines like to take longer (you stay on the ship longer, you spend more money) and it saves the, fuel. It depends on itinerary, but Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 takes 7-9 nights depending if they add a stop along the way in Canada or if they started in Hamburg, and making a stop at Southampton during the voyage. While other cruise lines have repositioning cruises from 11-14 nights, sometimes more. Other lines add more ports, therefore creating a higher price point and adding ports to offer shore excursions (another source of revenue).

    Side note – I did the transatlantic crossing in the Disney Magic in May 2014. One of my favorite cruises! Loved the sea days! I highly recommend it! I just wish they still stopped at Castaway Cay along the way. It seems they are not having that as a port on the eastbound crossings now. It was great to have that day on Castaway Cay and then head across the Atlantic!

  4. Tom Fitzgerald

    Good show! Am intrigued also to do transatlantic when school schedules are no longer an issue. I’ve heard it mentioned east to west trip is “better” as you gain time zones during the cruise. Maybe a future discussion item: east to west or not a big deal?


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