Clarity on the Potential Disney Wonder Hawaiian Sailings in 2015

The dust appears to have settled with the Hawaiian port calendars. If you recall back in January, the Disney Wonder appeared on the Honolulu port calendar for September 7, 2015 for a few days until it was removed. Then, a bit later the schedule was updated with a placeholder ship under the Disney Wonder’s shipping agent’s name for the same date. Over the past few months, the calendars for Hilo, Honolulu, Kauai, and Maui have been updated. Guess what they all have in common? September 2015 calls for Inchcape Special and all include with the same placeholder ship.


DCL Wonder Hilo Sept 2015 Port Schedule Inchcape Special


DCL Wonder Honolulu Sept 2015 Port Schedule Inchcape Special

KauaiDCL Wonder Kauai Sept 2015 Port Schedule Inchcape Special


DCL Wonder Maui Sept 2015 Port Schedule Inchcape SpecialAt first glance, the calendars appeared to conflict with each other; but if you take a closer look, it all comes into focus. The Maui schedule shows the ship arriving in the morning, spending the night and departing the following evening. This same pattern repeats just one day later following what on paper looks like three consecutive days in Honolulu. The key date here is September 17 in Honolulu. I cannot imagine a round trip sailing repeating overnights in Maui just one day apart from each other. This implies Honolulu could be used as the turnaround port on a 10-night one way sailing from Vancouver followed by a potential repeat sailing in reverse order based on the call dates from the calendars above. A quick search for 10-night sailings to Hawaii resulted in a couple aboard the Celebrity Solstice, as well as Royal Caribbean’s Radiance of the Seas both of which required 5 sea days.

We know the Disney Wonder will be in Vancouver on September 7th as this marks the end of her final Alaskan cruise for 2015 which is currently bookable. Compiling the Hawaiian port calendar information as well as comparable sailings from Celebrity Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean, we get the following estimated sailing schedule for the Disney Wonder in September 2015. I’m speculating after September 21st, the 10-night itinerary could very will go back to San Diego, but I decided to use the itineraries from this year and it sort of fit nicely on the calendar below.

DCL Wonder Estimated Sailing Schedule September 2015If these scheduled calls do pan out, I would imagine Aulani will be an enticing pre or post stay option in Honolulu. By the way, did you know Aulani has a nearby port, Kalaeloa Barders Point Harbor? Can you imagine a Disney Cruise ship docked transferring guests between the ship and Aulani? Sure, that would be too cool – but in reality, Kalaeloa Barders Point Harbor is an industrial cargo port.

Google Satellite Hawaii Aulani Barbers Point HarborAs far as the schedule for the Disney Wonder beyond September, she appears in Grand Cayman port calendar in early November…

Are you looking forward to booking a cruise to Hawaii? Do these potential one way sailings appeal to you with the idea of adding a stay at Aulani or elsewhere in Hawaii?

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