CDC COVID-19 Cruise Ship Public Comments

On July 21, 2020, the CDC issued a request for Information Related to Cruise Ship Planning and Resumption of Passenger Operations. The CDC is invited the public to comment on specific questions regarding interventions, methods, protocols, and procedures for protecting the public’s health as well as the health of prospective passengers, crew members, and industry-related service providers. This information may be used to inform future public health guidance and preventative measures relating to travel on cruise ships. Written comments can be submitted through the Federal Register notice here. According to the Federal Register notice (pdf) published on July 21st, comments must be received on or before September 21, 2020.

Below is a summary of the comments submitted by the date published on

Comment Summary

Currently, there are 12307 public comments. We have reviewed 3640 (29.58%) to generate the following summary data. Click here for a description for each category. A indicates the comment has been summarized. While the goal is to remain ojbective, the category selections are subjective.
Not Mentioned

Mask Requirements
449 (3.65%)
116 (0.94%)
11742 (95.41%)

Vaccine Required
218 (1.77%)
35 (0.28%)
12054 (97.94%)

Ready to Cruise
2166 (17.6%)
1048 (8.52%)
9093 (73.88%)

Pre-Cruise Testing
419 (3.4%)
113 (0.92%)
11775 (95.68%)

412 (3.35%)
1 (0.01%)
11894 (96.64%)

Reduced Capacity
452 (3.67%)
46 (0.37%)
11809 (95.95%)

533 (4.33%)
0 (0%)
11774 (95.67%)


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Category Descriptions

Mask Usage
Yes indicates a preference for some level of mask usage from selective to manditory, No indicates a strong preferance against mask requirements.
Vaccine Required
Yes indicates a preference for a vaccine prior to crusing, No indicates a strong preferance against a vaccine requirements.
Ready to Cruise
Yes indicates a preference for an immediate return to crusing or when No Sail Order is lifted, No indicates a strong preferance against a return to cruising at this time.
Pre-Cruise Testing
Yes indicates a preference for a negative test prior to crusing, No indicates a strong preferance against pre-cruise testing requirements.
Yes indicates the commenter felt the CDC is out to get the cruise industry.
Reduced Capacity
Yes indicates the commenter mentioned they were in favor of a reduction in capacity.
Yes indicates the commenter used cruise ship air/water pollution/environmental concerns as an argument to extend the No Sail Order.