Tour the Mabrika Cove Cabanas at Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point

The Mabrika Cove Cabanas at Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point are available for guests of all ages to enjoy an exclusive beachside retreat. The 20 beachside cabanas are inspired by nature and decorated in collaboration with local artists.

Lookout Cay Mabrika Cove Grand Cabana 21

Each cabana is furnished with comfortable seating, a small refrigerator for beverages, a safe, a ceiling fan, plush towels and sunscreen. Outside on the patio, luxurious chaise lounge chairs, a freshwater shower, hammock and sailcloth shade are yours to enjoy amid spectacular offshore views. Each cabana includes the use of sand toys and one hour of bike rental per Guest. Additionally, there is a dining area for guest to enjoy a BBQ lunch, and restroom facilities.

The Mabrika Cove Cabanas (3 on the map) are located south of the pier on the Exuma Sound side of Lighthouse Point.

Disney Lookout Cay At Lighthouse Point Destination Map © Disney

The full map above shows the location, but it is not easy to see the actual cabana layout. Below is a modified version focused on the actual Mabrika Cove Cabana area.

LHP Mabrika Cove Cabana Map

Upon arrival, guests with cabana reservations can check in at the Mabrika Cove Cabana Check-In and Bicycle Rentals building (1 on the map).

Although, the last cabana is numbered 21, there are only 20 cabanas located in Mabrika Cove – The numbering of the cabanas intentionally skips #13.

Cabanas 3-19 are standard cabanas while 1, 2, 20, and 21 are larger Grand Cabanas.

Grand Cabanas #1 and standard cabana #3 are accessible cabanas.

Opposite cabanas #7 and #15 you will find a building with restroom facilities as well as a walk up bar.

Lookout Cay Mabrika Cove Cabanas Restroom Bar

Due to the location of the Mabrika Cove Cabanas, there is a dedicated dining area building with picnic tables between cabanas 10 and 11 allowing guests to enjoy the same BBQ lunch found at True-True BBQ (Too) & Serenity Bay BBQ along with made to order steak.

The interior layout, furnishings, design, and offerings are similar to the Serenity Bay Cabanas including the touch screen to order refreshments, towels, sand toys, and to control the music.

Lookout Cay Cabanas Music POS Ordering Touch Panel

Fresh fruit and snacks are included along with complimentary bottled water and soft drinks. Dedicated beverage service is provided, and alcoholic beverage packages are available for purchase on board at an additional cost.

The view from the cabana looks out over the Exuma Sound and the pier with your cruise ship in view.

The location of the cabana may be something to consider based on your intended use. The beach shoreline transitions from a sand to rock in the vicinity of cabanas 16 and 17 all the way down to 21.

The two main differences between the Serenity Bay Cabanas and the Mabrika Cove Cabanas are for guests of all ages, and they are located on the Exuma Sound giving you a view of the cruise ship.

Below is a video tour showing the walkway in front of the cabanas as well as a brief look inside and the views from the beach.

The location is not ideal for those who wish to enjoy the offerings on the other side of the property, especially those with little one who may want to spend time at Sebastian’s Cove, or at the Rush Out Gush Out water play area. However, there is a trade off – Mabrika Cove is one of the only spots at Disney Lookout Cay where you can sit back, relax, and look at your Disney cruise ship.

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      Grilled Boneless Ribeye Steak along with Mixed Leave Salad, Marinated Grilled Snapper, and Grilled Ahi Tuna Steak have been available for all guests at Serenity Bay BBQ upon request.

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        Do you know why it’s called Mixed Leave Salad? Is that a play on words? Because usually it would be Mixed Leaf Salad.


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