Flippers & Fins Snorkel Rentals at Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point

Flippers & Fins Snorkel Rentals at Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point is the place to go to pick up snorkeling gear to go explore the natural beauty of the inviting turquoise waters.

Lookout Cay Flippers Fins Snorkel Rental Sign

Flippers & Fins Snorkel Rental is numbered 6 on the map located on the Atlantic Ocean side of the property near the beach between Goombay Cultural Center and the Bow & Ribbon Bar.

Most guests will typically book Snorkel Rental (LPT01) Port Adventure before arriving to the port. Once ashore, you will head over to Flippers and Fins to pick up your snorkel gear and receive some instructions. Just like at Castaway Cay, you may bring your own snorkeling equipment to use, but you will be required to wear a complimentary inflatable safety vest which you can pick up at this location. Vests are also available hanging from the lifeguard stands.

The snorkel rental is currently priced at $38 per person and includes a mask, snorkel, flippers and the required safety vest. The rental is for all day, simply return your equipment to Flippers and Fins before heading back to your cruise ship.

Lookout Cay Flippers Fins Snorkel Rental

Inside Flippers & Fins are shelving units with neatly organized fins and snorkeling equipment ready to go.

Outside the building are two big signs with information on proper user of the snorkeling gear and safety information.

Lookout Cay Flippers Fins Snorkel Rental Infromation Signs

Disney Lookout Cay Snorkeling Safety Information


Snorkeling at Disney Lookout Cay is a unique opportunity to swim with aquatic wildlite in their natural habitat. The experience takes place in an open ocean setting with natural salt water and sea currents, as well as rock and reef environments that have been conserved to maintain their natural look and purpose.


  • Persons who do not meet the minimum age of 10 years may not snorkel. Children ages 10 years to 11 years must be accompanied by a person 18 years or older.
  • You should be a strong swimmer. Snorkeling experience is recommended.
  • You should be in good health and free from heart or respiratory conditions, seizures or other conditions that may be aggravated by this experience.
  • You should not swim alone. Maintain visual contact with your swim partner.
  • Designated snorkeling area depth can be more than 12 ft. (3.7m) depending on tidal conditions.
  • Please do not touch, step, remove or engage with any marine life, including coral, you encounter.


  • Wear an approved inflated snorkel vest, mask and snorkel, asloble vest her te availa eat aip your a gear and need
  • Stay within designated boundary lines and remain at the surface of the water. Diving down is not permitted.
  • Swim gently forward using your arms and feet while maintaining visual contact with your swim partner.
  • Wave your hands above your head if you need assistance.
Lookout Cay Flippers Fins Snorkel Rental Infromation Sign Snor

Disney Lookout Cay Snorkeling Equipment Information


  • Place mask over your eyes and nose.
  • Check the seal of the mask for leakage by inhaling through your
  • Secure the mask strap over the back of your head.
  • It water enters the mask or togs up, raise your head out of the water and lift the mask from the bottom. This will clear the mask.


  • Place the entire mouthpiece in your mouth.
  • Hold mouthpiece between your teeth and breathe through your mouth only using the snorkel.
  • Do not breathe through your nose.


  • An approved inflated snorkel vest must be worn at all times while you are snorkeling.
  • Do not wear a snorkel vest under any clothing.
  • Unfasten the clip in front of the snorkel vest and slip your head through the head opening.
  • Verify the vest is flat against your body and not twisted.
  • Pull the strap around your back and fasten it to the clip in the front.
  • Pull strap to tighten around body.
  • To inflate the vest, pull down on the inflation handle and blow into the valve. Then release the valve when fully inflated.


  • Verify your fins fit properly and put them on at the water’s edge.
  • Walk backwards into and out of the water to avoid tripping.


Lookout Cay Flippers Fins Snorkel Rental Infromation Sign Mask

Here is a brief tour of the Flippers & Fins facility as well as another look at the signage.

Time was not on my side to allow for snorkeling during my day at Lookout Cay, so I will not have any actual snorkeling footage until I return for my next visit. For now, I will leave you with the description of the snorkeling from Disney Cruise LIne’s Port Adventure:

Prepare to be captivated as you snorkel amid exotic sea life between leisurely beach breaks soaking up sun and fun.

Dive into an unforgettable adventure as you explore the vibrant underwater world of Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point, surrounded by schools of tropical fish and other mesmerizing marine life. Prepare to be captivated by the natural beauty and wonder that await you beneath the surface. 

I love to snorkel, and so does the rest of the family. The underwater world is so dynamic, and repeat trips to the same spots always offer something new. Since I was a little kid, I’ve spent countless hours during past vacations snorkeling and I cannot wait to return to Lighthouse Point to head out into the water and see the marine life. While I am not sure how deep the swimming/snorkeling area gets at high tide, I was bummed to hear the lifeguards yelling at guests telling they them they were not permitted to dive underwater while snorkeling. The rule is clearly listed on the safety sign, but it caught me off guard on the beach before I made it over to Flippers & Fins and read the safety information.

Did you have a chance to snorkel at Lookout Cay? What did you think?

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