A Tour of the Family Beach Area at Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point

The family beach area at Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point spans well over 500 yards on the Atlantic Ocean coastline of Eleuthera with loungers, chairs, and umbrellas. The Family Beach area is noted by the number 8 on the map, but in reality, the family beach spans from the south end to the where the adult only area begins at Serenity Bay, approximately in the vicinity of True-True BBQ Too.

Like most beach environments, you will likely encounter changes in the sea conditions and marine life throughout the day. There are beach caution signs placed at various access points providing a more details on the potential conditions.

Lookout Cay Family Beach Caution Sign
Complimentary life vests are available at the snorkel rental station.
Water depth changes occur throughout the day.
Please be aware of possible ocean conditions and wildlife, which may include: sharks, lionfish, jellyfish, barracuda, corals, sand flies, exposed rocks, and marine debris.
For beach access, use designated walkways.
See nearest Lifeguard or Cast Member CALL: 242-699-8000

Due to weather, ocean currents, marine life, or other conditions in the area, swimming in the ocean or other activities may be restricted or unavailable at times. Guests should always swim near lifeguards and follow their instructions. There may be times when access to the ocean for swimming or other activities may be unavailable due to weather, ocean currents, marine life, or other conditions in the area.

You may notice some flags along the beach. These are visual markers placed by the lifeguards to identify different ocean and surf conditions, which vary from hour-to-hour and place-to-place. For example, a green flag indicates calm conditions with good swimming conditions, a red flag indicates high surf and/or strong currents, and the lifeguards will limit the swimming area near shore, and a black flag means the water is off limits, but you are still permitted on the beach.

One major difference between the beach access at Lookout Cay compared to Castaway Cay is that you access walk-across elevated walkways spanning sand dunes, which are in place to provide a physical barrier and protection to inland structures during storms thus limiting the impact of storm surge and potential damage from high waves.

Lookout Cay Family Beach Dunes Elevated Walkway

The natural sand dunes have been preserved to provide protection for wildlife and the beaches. Just like dunes elsewhere: Please stay off the dunes! – I am not familiar with the regulations in The Bahamas, but it is illegal to walk on the dunes in Florida. The design plan for Lookout Cay worked to preserve the shrub-filled sand dunes, which act as an important animal habitat and helps to maintain the island’s natural shoreline.

There are rows of beach chairs and umbrellas before you cross the dunes. In most areas, the lower elevation of the beach allows for a view of the beautiful turquoise waters.

There are elevated walkways with stairs and some with ramps providing beach access. Most walkways and venues around Lookout Cay feed into the beach access points.

I have been fortunate to visit many amazing beaches in my life, and Lighthouse Beach did not disappoint. It is gorgeous and frankly, my pictures and video do not due it justice. While not a vibrant pink beach as one may see in photos, Lighthouse Beach sand is considered a pink sand which gets it’s pale pink color from microscopic coral insects, known as Foraminifera, which have a bright pink or red shell full of holes through which it extends pseudopodia, footings that it uses to attach itself and feed (Link and description is specific to Harbor Island Pink Sand Beach which is in North Eleuthera, about 90 miles north of Lighthouse Point.)

You will notice white buoy bags out in the water, these are used to define the available swimming area which is enforced by the lifeguards.

Lookout Cay Family Beach

Here is some video of the family beach from different access points starting with a spot near the Reef & Wreck Bar earlier in our day ashore followed by the Goombay Cultural Center in the afternoon.

The beach is amazing and this will be one of my most controversial statements made on this website – Disney Lookout Cay family beach is exponentially better than the family beach at Castaway Cay. For those that have been, what do you think about the family beach at Lighthouse Point?

6 Replies to “A Tour of the Family Beach Area at Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point”

  1. Karen Candelaria Rudy

    Did you go in the water? Wondering how quickly it gets deep and current. I love to swim and I know Castaway Key was swimming was easy in the family beach area. Wondering how it is without a secluded cove. We are going next April on the Fantasy. I am enjoying all the previews I am getting.

  2. Jo

    Thank you for all this information. We have cancelled our cruise to this nightmare destination. I would advise anyone who is thinking of changing their cruise to do so right away as cabins our filling up quickly for those cruises that go to Castaway Cay.

  3. Lisa

    Scott, are people bringing chairs/umbrellas down to the beach or is the cruise line putting them there? I thought I read that all the chairs/umbrellas were behind the berm.

  4. John

    Just for clarification: does the beach have pink sand? Some videos I’ve seen make it look pink-ish, but most it just looks white…Are the ones with the pink sand a completely different area somewhere on a nearby beach that most won’t have free access to?


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