Castaway Club Level Printable Lanyard Cards (Pearl, Platinum, Gold, and Silver)

Following last week’s announced expansion of the Castaway Club program to add Pearl, a new top tier, for guests with 25 and more sailings, Disney Cruise Line published printable thingamabobs for each tier. In this case, thingamabobs are printable cards to represent each of the Castaway Club tiers: Pearl, Platinum, Gold, and Silver which can be placed in the lanyard pouch to display.

DCL Castaway Club 2022 Lanyard Card Printables

While the new Pearl Castaway Club level is not technically rolled out yet, there is a printable for guests who completed 25 Disney Cruises.

DCL Castaway Club 2022

Silver (1-4 Sailings)

Printable Silver Castaway Club card.

Gold (5-9 Sailings)

Printable Gold Castaway Club card.

Platinum (10-24 Sailings)

Printable Platinum Castaway Club card.

Pearl (25+ Sailings)

Printable Pearl Castaway Club card.

According to Disney Cruise Line, Pearl is a valued treasure that takes time and care to take shape. In last week’s announcement of the cruise line’s 25th anniversary plans it was stated Pearl members will unlock new at-home and onboard benefits, which will be announced in early 2023.

9 Replies to “Castaway Club Level Printable Lanyard Cards (Pearl, Platinum, Gold, and Silver)”

  1. Koen Van den Broeck

    Anyone agree with this loyalty programme?

    0-2 nights at sea: first time cruiser
    3-50 nights at sea: silver
    50-100 nights at sea: gold
    100+ nights at sea: pearl
    Sounds more fair to non Florida and non US guests

    1. Kev

      So unfair, I typically do the longer cruises and have 187 nights and 21 cruises, so I don’t make Pearl. But someone who just takes 3 day cruises makes Pearl after 75 nights.
      Pretty garbage reward system

  2. Jo

    Very cute, however, hope it is not taking the place of cc level lanyards. Remember when the beach bags were color coordinated with club level. How many of those sling bags can a person use?!

  3. Brett B.

    Trying to print Platinum, but the printer gets Pearl when I look at the print preview. Same thing comes up if I click on Silver & Gold.

    1. mschreib13

      Why do you need to see your KTTW card. The DCL scanners including your room door lock will read through the plastic, paper and COVE CAFE loyalty card. You might have to show the card to non-DCL port security when you pass through foreign customs.


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