In-Person Guest Assembly Muster Drills Returning

Disney Cruise Line is bringing back traditional guest assembly drills on embarkation day. Going forward, all guests will be required to report to their assigned assembly station in person at the scheduled time on embarkation day.

The reintroduction started on Saturday with the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, and will roll out across the fleet though November 20th. The effective dates for each ship are as follows:

  • Saturday, November 12, 2022: Disney Dream & Disney Fantasy
  • Monday, November 14, 2022: Disney Wish
  • Wednesday, November 16, 2022: Disney Wonder
  • Sunday, November 20, 2022: Disney Magic

According to Disney this transition will ensure all Crew Members and Guests are fully aware of our safety procedures in the event of an emergency. The DCL Navigator App will continue to notify Guests of their assigned assembly station, provide directions for getting to their location and share additional safety information with Guests.

The self guided in-app muster station check-in was a lovely offering, but from experience, I can understand the need to return to the traditional assembly drill to ensure the safety of all onboard. On the 3 sailings aboard the Disney Wish offering the self guided version, including the cruise from which I just returned, I did not see guest compliance when it came time to stop in place, and listen to the safety message broadcast across the ship’s speakers. We had this conversation over dinner the other night, in the unlikely event something does occur how many guests would actually know what to do. It is disappointing to lose such a wonderful time saver on a busy embarkation, day, but ultimately safety is paramount.

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  1. Brett Bailey

    My wife and I saw the same ambivalence to the stop in place on our B2B in March/April of this year, just a few, who turned out to be first timers. While we have had 15 DCL cruises and feel that we know what to do (we really do) in case of emergency. First timers do need to pay attention. It is a fun way to see others on the cruise talk to those around you, good icebreaker by going to your assembly station.

  2. Alicia

    Eight hundred people aboard another line’s ship tested positive for Covid and they want to bring back the sardine muster drill? While I understand the need for safety and people’s apathy when it came time for the self-guided drill, there has to be a more effective means! Safety also means protecting the crew and guests from sickness.

  3. BartmanLA

    Scott you should have mentioned that this wasn’t just DCL’s decision, it’s being driven by the US Coast Guard, they’re requiring it to ensure safety of all guests and crew. First time cruisers and many with children need to participate in this drill so they KNOW where to go in an emergency evacuation. Too many people were ignoring the video drill and not everyone reported to the muster station on sail day to complete the check in. This isn’t arbitrary on DCL’s part, they’ve always been a sigificant leader in guest and crew safety.

      1. Scott Sanders Post author

        If I am wrong, I am wrong. However, once again, I checked with an individual that I feel is a trusted industry source, this is a DCL decision, as other lines are sticking with the new post-pandemic process.

  4. mschreib13

    I am happy to see the return of the all inclusive return to muster. It is an opportunity to get to know at least a few of my fellow cruisers before with Sail-a-wave. (Platinum at 68 cruises with 17 additional currently booked thru the end of 2023.)

    1. S

      Its very bad for people with various types of mobility issues and people who shouldn’t have to be sitting out baking in the sun for a half an hour though. It’s 2022 – there should be a way to make this less hard for guests and more inclusive.

      1. mschreib13

        Perhaps those that refuse to shut up during the funnelvision broadcast should be put in the brig. Oh, there were accommodations for the mobility impaired in the past. How about those that don’t want to stay in the sun for the 15-20 minutes not be allowed to bask around the pools. Get real, this is for your safety and compliance with Coast Guard rulings.

        1. S

          Wow – that was incredibly rude. I’m also Platinum – there are absolutely not accommodations for all levels of those who are mobility or otherwise impaired. There’s also a huge difference between being in a pool or on a lounger relaxing and standing shoulder to shoulder on deck baking in the sun. Never forget that it shouldn’t have to happen to you, to matter to you. Have a magical day.

  5. Tom

    Once they do go back to in person, people with mobility issues should make it a point to at least be on the correct deck when it is time for muster. My wife has trouble with stairs and the elevators do not operate when muster occurs. We found out the hard way a number of cruises back. Be Prepared, or did someone already say that.

  6. Jo

    I really do not understand why people have to be argumentative about everything these days. Yes, some people liked the new way; some people like the traditional way. Yes, there are people who do not obey the rules no matter which way something is done; but can’t we just express our preference without being confrontational. Isn’t it wonderful how we all only have memories of the muster drill and no actual emergency. Bon Voage!


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