Disney Cruise Line Ship Playset Toy Sails into the shopDisney Online Store

shopDisney just added the Disney Cruise Line Ship Playlet to their online inventory. The playset includes a cruise ship, six character posable figures including Captain Mickey, Captain Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto. Additional accessories include a grand piano, sofa, two chairs, and bronzed statue of Mickey at the wheel.

ShopDisney DCL Ship Playset 1

Guess what happens when you turn the ship’s wheel….

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Disney Cruise Line Ship Playset Item No. 475126066535
You’ll have fun keeping happy vacation memories afloat with this Disney Cruise Line Ship Playset. Captain Mickey and his crew man the toy cruise ship which is open on one side so you can see inside and move the characters and furnishings around. There are lots of fun features with lights and sound effects, so get on board!

Over on our store page, we have a summary of the Disney Cruise Line merchandise currently available from shopDisney.

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