Name that Tune: Disney Wish Testing Musical Horn in Emmshaven

As we all patiently wait for the Disney Wish to arrive in Florida, Emmshavenonline is providing a long awaited preview of the musical horn. The following is what I believe is the first audio of the Disney Wish’s musical horns posted on Emmshavenonline’s YouTube channel.

Meyer Werft is still working hard to deliver the Disney Wish to Disney Cruise Line which will debut this summer with sailings to the Bahamas from Port Canaveral.

Here is a hint

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  1. Lisa

    Pretty cool that they’ll be able to play whatever song they want! Sounds like they have a keyboard set up to it, and it’s just a bunch of speakers, so it’s not really a traditional “horn”. Wonder if they will do both

    1. Bryce

      AMAZINGLY for Disney Wish it is actually an AIR HORN system- Dream and Fantasy use Digital horns (Speakers), whereas Triton Class (Wish) and Magic Class (Magic,Wonder) utilize air horns. I would try and add a


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