Pirates in the Caribbean 3D Paper Craft

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates 3D paper craft for all. Last week, the Disney Parks Blog offered up some suggestions celebrate the pirate life at home. In the article, there was link to a downloadable 3D paper craft featuring Mickey, Minnie, and Donald in pirate attire with a treasure check background.

To get started, click here to download the 3D paper craft template and instructions. I used some heaver card stock we had tucked away in the closet. I’d recommend heavier paper to give the finished product a little more shelf life.

DCL 3D Paper Craft Pirates Paper

Now that you have the pages printed, it is time cut them out. I used an x-acto knife, but this is not necessary – scissors will work too. Just be careful with this step.

DCL 3D Paper Craft Pirates Paper Printed

The Donald page includes assembly instructions with the most important instruction is to glue the components in alphabetical order. During craft time on the ships, there have been glue dots available along with glue sticks. Glue Dots are worth it. Not only do they make less of a mess vs traditional glue, they make assembly so much easier. I found this them to be a life saver in a few spots when the glue would not hold parts together.

DCL 3D Paper Craft Pirates Glue Dots


DCL 3D Paper Craft Pirates Backdrop Treasure Chest

Pirate Minnie

Pirate Donald

Pirate Mickey

Now it is time to have some fun with the swashbuckling pirates.

Looking for more paper crafts? Check out these Disney Cruise Line 3D paper crafts featuring Captain Mickey.

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  1. Steven

    Scott it looks like you have a Disney cruiseline ottoman? I was able to buy 9, I know its crazy but anything for Disney cruiseline get me excited even more if its a prop or furniture.

  2. Steven

    Yeah I had to find room to put them. I also won several auction on the big E site and I have 4 aluminum Disney cruise line chairs with the blue backs along with a 2ft section of the Magic mooring line and thats just a start to go along with several retired bedspreads and the map lamp shades beside the beds..

  3. Deann from Tx

    how can regular people that don’t live in Florida go the the “big E” site? is it on line?


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