Martinique (Fort-de-France) Now Requires a Passport to go Ashore

In most situations, a passport is not necessary for closed loop cruises, a cruise that begins and ends at the same port. However, guests wishing to go ashore in Martinique, will now be required to have a valid passport to go ashore according to multiple reports and now Disney Cruise Line.

I say multiple reports because I was unable to confirm the change with Disney Cruise Line when the reports first surfaced. I was told, in early October, DCL’s Embarkation Guest Service team, has not received an official communication from the French government regarding this documentation change.

United States Of America Passport

According to various reports such as Cruise Radio and Porthole Cruise, the news originally broke via a letter sent to Carnival Cruise Line passengers booked on cruises to Martinique. The letter informs passengers of the change and further encourages them to bring their passport in order to visit the island. Carnival will still allow cruise passengers without a passport to book a cruise which stops in Martinique, but those without valid passports will not be allowed to disembark the ship while in Martinique. 

“Officials in Martinique have informed us that all cruise visitors must have a valid passport in order to go ashore. This requirement will be strictly enforced by local authorities. If you do not already have a passport, we encourage you to get one before your voyage.”

Message sent to Carnival Cruise Line guests via

In a recent itinerary update email, Disney Cruise Line officially acknowledged Martinique’s recent change.

Martinique has recently changed their document policy for cruise visitors and now require all Guests to have a valid, unexpired passport. Martinique will not allow anyone to go ashore without a passport and Guests without a valid passport will need to stay onboard while the ship is in port.

A valid passport is only necessary to visit Martinique. For more information on what documents are required to board the ship, please visit

There are two upcoming Disney Cruise sailings to Martinique on the books. The Disney Wonder is scheduled to visit Martinique on January 29, 2020 during a 7-night Southern Caribbean Cruise departing San Juan on January 26, 2019. Next summer, the Disney Fantasy will call on Martinique July 1, 2020 during a 9-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise departing Port Canaveral on June 27, 2020.

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  1. Paul

    Just note on a typo in your story. The January Wonder cruise departs on the 26th vice the 20th. The information on the linked page is correct.


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