A Look at the 2017 Star Wars Day at Sea Merchandise

For the next few months, the Disney Fantasy is sailing Star Wars Day at Sea cruises and many of you have been wondering about commemorative merchandise after last year’s pre-order opportunity was not continued this year. It comes as no surprise there is SWDAS merchandise and Disney Parks Blog author Steven Miller recently shared a first look at this years offerings which have been updated to reflect the 2017 sailings.

SWDAS 2017 Logo Shirts SWDAS 2017 Shirts Pins Name Tag SWDAS 2017 Logo Merchandise

There are limited release as well as limited edition pins including a box set with a completer pin.

SWDAS 2017 Pins

To read more, check out Steven’s full article on the Disney Parks Blog.

18 Replies to “A Look at the 2017 Star Wars Day at Sea Merchandise”

  1. Disney Sistas

    So excited! We can not wait for our upcoming Cruise!!! FANTASY Cruise Countdown on my phone!!!
    Thank you Scott😄

  2. Todd Carrozzi

    I’m pretty psyched as well. We set sail next sailing(Jan 21), so if no one has pricing info over the next few days, I’ll try to post it once we get back.

    1. Todd Carrozzi

      Ok, I did a quick run through of the shops once they opened tonight. I’ll try to post more later, but pins were either $15 or $16 depending on the pin. The collector box of pins is $120. The t-shirt with the itinerary is $25. The ornaments were $14 I think. Long sleeve shirts are $40. Hats $25. Also, in white caps they have more limited edition merchandise which I’ll try to post pictures of later.

  3. Wil Hoffmann

    I have a question for anyone that would know. We are going on the 7 night starting 2/25. Does anyone know if they sell light sabers on the ship?

        1. ProsperityAndCalamities

          No, I was on the top deck and looking at the carts selling them on the deck below. They had light sabers in I think two colors (blue and maybe green) then they had other ones that were rainbow. They also had light up ears and other things that light up.

          1. Todd Carrozzi

            It has been 3 weeks for me, but I am pretty sure I saw both cheap ones(that I also didn’t see the prices for) and fancy ones over in whitecaps. The ones over there looked a lot like the ones available from ultrasabers.com and at whitecaps they were $125. Sorry I didn’t see the price on the cheaper ones.

      1. Wil Hoffmann

        Thanks for the info. I know my kiddo wanted one like you can find in Walmart (the toy retractable ones). But I am sure she will be fine with the light up ones.

  4. ProsperityAndCalamities

    There were also some minted coins that were limited edition – I’m pretty sure they were star wars day at sea (but they could have just been star wars). I saw them for sale at the Vista Gallery – they aren’t in the picture above but might be worth looking for.


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