Personal Navigators: 7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral with Star Wars Day at Sea – January 9, 2016

Personal Navigators, and other handouts from the Star Wars Day at Sea 7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral with Star Wars Day at Sea. The Disney Fantasy set sail from Port Canaveral on January 9, 2016. Although Castaway Cay was missed due to high winds, a supplemental navigator was issued for Day 7. We are still on the lookout for pictures of the Star Wars Dinner menu I do have the children’s menus.

Map Fantasy 7 Night Western Caribbean Itinerary D

Day 1 – January 9, 2016 – Port Canaveral

Day 2 – January 10, 2016 – At Sea

Day 3 – January 11, 2016 – Cozumel

Day 4 – January 12, 2016 – Grand Cayman

Day 5 – January 13, 2016 – Star Wars Day At Sea

Star Wars Day At Sea Meet Greet Preference Sheet Star Wars Day At Sea Merchandise Release Schedule 2016

Day 6 – January 14, 2016 – At Sea

Day 7 – January 15, 2016 – At Sea Castaway Cay

Buena Vista Theatre Movies

Thank you Meredith AKA @VidProMom for sharing.
If you have any navigators you would be willing to share, please send me an email. If you would rather upload the files you can use our upload form.

29 Replies to “Personal Navigators: 7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral with Star Wars Day at Sea – January 9, 2016”

    1. walt

      I agree. To add to that the Star Wars Day at sea, the cost is higher that the other Western Caribbean Cruise. You just have to go to Castaway Cay…………………Period

  1. AJ

    It was way too windy to dock at Castaway Cay. They tried at least 3 times. We were super disappointed, but there was nothing anyone could do.

    And I emailed Scott pics of the Star Wars dinner menu.

    1. Doug

      I hope they have more scheduled Meet and Greets going forward. They also had 8:30 down on the Navigator and we did not see the first roaming one until 9:30.

    1. Chris

      From what I understand there were several that turned them in on time and got no “interactive experiences” and I would not call them interactive experiences they were meet and greets without any Autographs, nothing more than getting your photo taken and maybe a couple of words from the characters. At a maximum you got two per cabin.

      Overall, the entire day was a flop with a lot less happening than was promised.

      All of the following was missing:
      Photos with Roaming Characters (They were literally running away from people with cameras)
      Star Wars Celebrity Meet & Greets & Insider Talks (There was one guest speaker, who was an imagineer that simply presented an advertisement for what is presently happening in the parks and whenever she was asked questions, she said she would point you towards someone else that could answer it)
      The cantina. Star Wars inspired music & drinks
      Deck Party Show (What they gave us was a Fashion Show Cat Walk, nothing more)
      Fireworks on Pirates Night (They would have been canceled due to weather, but they never even scheduled them)

      The buffet on Star Wars night had no theming to it like the Pirate Buffet normally does.

      Now compare this to Club Villains that we went to the first night of when we got back and the difference is night and day, that event had amazing food, great entertainment and while they only had 4 villains, no one that night felt they were ripped off in the slightest, because it was done properly.

      1. GM

        No cantina??? That has been highlighted as a feature of the Star Wars cruises since the original press release. We booked the March 19th cruise before it was announced as a Star Wars cruise, so the Star Wars day is in some ways just a bonus, not the reason we booked, but your post is still disappointing.

        1. Chris wade

          Hopefully enough people have complained that they will fix it for the one that is going out today. We will find out more when they get back next week.

  2. MamaCruiser

    Anyone know how the Jedi training went? I am going on the 2/6 star Wars cruise and heard the last cruise only a handful of kids got chosen to do the Jedi training. My kids will be soooo disappointed. Last year we were on board and my kids did Iron Man virtual game where they looked like they put on Iron Man suit and were flying. I imagined the Jedi training to be similar. However, it is in the big theater and only a few kids were selected. Do they have Disney photographers near the Star WArs characters? Why are they not scheduled like the other characters? What time of the day are the Star WArs experiences (which are really meet and greets)? We have 2 cabins. Do you get to do all 3 Star WArs experiences if you want to, or just 1? Darth Vadar doesn’t sign autographs? No cantina? No celebrity meet & greets?

    1. Chris wade

      For the Jedi Training Academy, less than 1% are picked and it is random who gets picked.

      If you do not turn in your preference firm, you get NO meet and greets,which are really just photo ops since no one signs autographs. Most cabins got twosuch experiences, but some only got one and there were really 6 of these, as each had two characters that rotated. The time to go is assigned to you and starts at 7 am and goes to about an hour before the deck party and you get tickets in your room the night before. Now since you have two cabins, up to 6 are allowed on each ticket and if you talk with those running things, they might allow more and you will have a total of four tickets. These are the only characters that have photographers.

      If you want a photograph with the sign for the cruise with your own camera, you will need to ask a fellow cruiser to take it, as they only have a shutters photographer and they won’t touch a guests camera.

      No cantuna, no autigraphs, roaming characters run away from cameras, no celeberties.

  3. MamaCruiser

    Thanks for the info. Is there any strategy for being selected for Jedi training? Was the Star Wars deck party and fireworks worth keeping a 4-1/2-yr old and a 7-yr old awake until 11pm? I received a notice from DCL saying not to bring anything that resembles a gun on board. Did any children bring lightsabers on board? My kids want to bring theirs. I don’t want it confiscated, but I don’t want to have to buy 2 more in the gift shop either. What characters were roaming the decks? Were there any BB8’s? When we went last year there was a Captain America on board. My 4-1/2 yr old son is anxious to know if there are going to be any Marvel superheros on board ( but I didn’t see any on the Navigators)? Are the Star Wars cruise t-shirts and other merchandise available in the gift shop, or is it only done by pre-order? appreciate any insight you have.

    1. Chris

      When I say it was random, I do mean completely and totally random, there were no good ways to get selected. As for the fireworks, I would say they are nice, but really the deck party was nothing that special and the Fireworks are the same as what you would get on Pirate night, so you can make your own mind up there.

      They did seem to allow light sabers onboard.

      They had BB-8 steins that you could buy drinks in, but they sold out early in the cruise, so plan to buy early.

      The merchandise is available in limited quantities, if you want to ensure you get your size in everything, I would preorder, the quality of all of the merchandise is good.

      Aside from on Star Wars Day at Sea, we never saw any characters roaming the decks, they were always at scheduled meet & greets. There are obviously the Frozen characters, then the princesses, Then there’s Hook & Smee, Chip & Dale, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, etc. and all of the standard characters. And of course the Disney Junior breakfast if you are interested in that.

  4. MamaCruiser

    Anyone heard how the second Star Wars day at Sea went and if Disney made any changes? Can’t find any Navigators or discussion on the topic for the cruise that just returned on 1/30.

    1. Chris

      We did hear from our friends that they enjoyed it, the meet and greet were still limited to two; however, they did get a Star Wars insider, something like Paul Hidalgo (I may have the name off) as a guest speaker and Lucas Films’ House DJ was running the deck party, which it sounds like improved and it sounds like the roaming characters were a little more camera friendly, beyond that, not many details. They did say they didn’t care for the dinner menu, but I thought it was great personally and the menu was the same.

      1. MamaCruiser

        Any improvements to Jedi training that more kids could participate? That is likely to be the biggest area of disappointment in my family.

  5. Izabela

    Hi there! I was wondering since there is Star Wars day do they still do Pirates night and if yes did passengers still dress up! We usually bring our costumes and not sure if we should do it this time! Thank you!


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