All Hands on Deck Cheese Plate Returns To the Disney Cruise Line’s Room Service Menu

We have learned that Disney Cruise Line decided to reverse course and return the All Hands On Deck cheese plate to the room service menu. I’d like to thank Scott, who was kind enough to share DCL’s response to his email printed below via comment on the original room service menu change article.

We [DCL] regret the disappointment expressed in your email.

It has come to our attention that there were some onboard directories
that contained incorrect information regarding Room Service offerings.
These have been corrected and all menus have been updated. While we
always review our menu offerings, at this time the Room Service menu has
not changed and favorites like the ‘All Hands on Deck’ platter remains a
delicious option for our Guests.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard soon.


Email Guest Services
Disney Cruise Line

I am sure DCL would like us all to think this never happened or was just a mistake in printing of the 2016 directory of services. I honestly, think it is a little low of DCL to say it was a printing error. The truth to the matter is guests sailing on the ships last week were told NO, it is no longer available when requesting the All Hands On Deck cheese plate and informed of the $38 cheese and fruit platter. If it was a printing error then room service would not have told guests NO. I honestly feel this decision was reversed due to guest feedback via emails to DCL, forum postings and with social media comments.

If you are onboard and could take a picture of the “corrected” and updated room service menu for us to post we’d be greatly appreciative.

UPDATE: The “Corrected” Room Service Menu Surfaces on the Disney Wonder.

24 Replies to “All Hands on Deck Cheese Plate Returns To the Disney Cruise Line’s Room Service Menu”

    1. janet

      I couldn’t agree more Tammy! My husband is one of those take it or leave it Disney fans, but he loved the cruises because he could bring his own beer. He is an MGD beer drinker and nobody ever sells that. i’ve overheard him bragging about how he could bring on his own beer to friends who have cruised other cruise lines. he and my son in law were always very discreet when drinking and did not bring on an obnoxious about. My daughter and I brought on a few small bottles of vodka to mix with water. and yet we all still ordered drinks while on board i.e. pina coladas, fruity rum drinks, etc. i’m sure we’ll still cruise with our allowable amount we can bring on board but it still makes me mad. DCL gets enough of our money, a little break was nice.

  1. Donna

    I will be sailing the Fantasy on Saturday 1/16 so it will be interesting to see if the menu has been corrected and will take photos. This is one of my favorites so I’m happy to read this, I’ll confirm it on Saturday!

  2. LeoM

    Huzzah! Now they just have to go back to serving club soda at the fountains, halfway drinkable coffee, and allowing guests to buy and drink ‘airline’ bottles from the local Caribbean distilleries…

    1. kate lewis

      Hi Ken- we are sailing this week and really want to see the Fox coverage of the NFC games on Sunday. You mention ESPN- any chance you think they carry Fox in the sports bar? Curious if you scouted it out at all. Thanks!

      1. Ken Downey

        We always try to catch the Patriots when we cruise and I know we have seen them on CBS and NBC, not sure if we have seen them on FOX…sorry.

  3. Laura Knobel-Piehl

    Now it would be really cool if the self-serv ice cream machines would have Pineapple Dole Whip!!! (Can only get that at the Disney parks and the Minnesota State Fair…)

    1. FairCrazed

      Totally off topic but where do you get Dole Whip at the MN State Fair? We are Fair fanatics but have not found it there.

  4. LeoM

    I am happy to report that Room Service just accepted my post-Assembly Drill order of the All Hands on Deck Cheese Plate on the Wonder. Good news all around.

  5. Becky W

    Good news for sure! Hoping for a reversal on the alcohol policy too! Funny that this past cruise where we couldn’t bring our own, we also sent less than usual onboard for alcohol. Then the alcohol pickup in the atrium lobby was not pleasant on disembarking day.

  6. Mandy

    It wasn’t “incorrect”. I know someone who traveled during this time and they were unable to order the All Hands on Deck. I’m glad it’s back.

  7. Neudle

    That cheese plate is the equivalent of buying gas station sushi. Really, babybel cheese? My wife and I were laughing at all the people who were having tantrums because it was taken off the menu. It wasn’t awful but certainly not anything special or something to cry about.

    1. Nah

      It didn’t used to be Babybel back in the day. (babybel isn’t even that bad.) It had three different types of cheese and some fruit.

  8. Christina

    We sailed on the Fantasy Jan 16 and it was on the menu and I was not charged for it. The variety of cheeses were “good” and the fruit was just grapes. The crackers were simply keebler crackers. Nothing to write home about.


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