Updated Menus from the Disney Fantasy – October 2015

Thanks to Cindy Broadway we have a fresh batch of rotational dinner menus, plus some breakfast menus from an October sailing aboard the Disney Fantasy. Below are the links to the updated menus including the new Disney Junior Character Breakfast.

I am still working to get the menus online from our summer cruise on the Magic. I promise to get those online before the end of the week. Additionally, I will make it a point to check the menus on the Disney Dream next week.

14 Replies to “Updated Menus from the Disney Fantasy – October 2015”

    1. Jim

      Because children speak with words not drawings and it’s our job as parents to read to them and help them learn to like and try new things.

  1. kayfamily4

    The Animators Palate link is going to Enchanted Garden for me. FYI

    So very much looking forward to our cruise in 100 days!

  2. Elizabeth

    is this menu only relevant to the fantasy or is it on all ships? Specifically the Wonder since that is what we are sailing in two weeks

  3. David

    So – am I missing something or does Disney junior character breakfast mean that the Fantasy IS doing character breakfasts now? We’ve been on the Wonder, Magic x2 and Dream x4, but never on the Fantasy, however, a character breakfast seems really fun again. Additionally – does the Fantasy have Alice’s tea and sign upon arrival or in advance? Thanks all…


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