A Cinco de Mayo Fiesta at Epcot with José Carioca

This past Saturday, we planned to spend the day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but we could not pass up the opportunity to meet José Carioca and the rest of The Three Caballeros.  The trio featured in Gran Fiesta Tour were outside the Mexico Pavilion, meeting guests as part of Disney’s Cinco de Mayo Limited Time Magic event.

The Three Caballeros - Limited Time Magic

Surprisingly, the line was shorter than we expected for a Saturday.  Credit really goes to the Three Caballeros, they took a very short breaks.

I asked José if he was excited about his new restaurant on the Disney Magic, but…

Me & José Carioca
José Carioca - Limited Time Magic

He was tighed beaked and just smiled.  Really,  I think it was time for his siesta.

The Three Caballeros Limited Time Magic Autograph Card

One of the best things that has emerged from the Limited Time Magic meet & greet events are these great autograph cards.  They make for an excellent keepsake, and really speed up the line.  We first saw these autograph cards during Long Lost Friends week, and noticed them at the Wreck-It Ralph meet & greet at Hollywood Studios (although this has more to do with Ralph’s huge hands).  Regardless, these autograph cards are quite effective at reducing the wait times and our daughter doesn’t seem to mind receiving a pre-printed signature.

After meeting with José, Panchito, and El Pato we headed inside the Mexico Pavilion for a snack and margaritas at La Cava del Tequila.  This little restaurant  is defiantly a hidden gem in the World Showcase.  There are two options, you can stand in line to order a tequila or margarita from the bar, or sit down under very cold air conditioning vents.  We ordered chips and queso, a Wild Passion Fruit margarita, and a Blood Orange margarita, which were both rimmed with hot chili powder & salt.

Blood Orange & Wild Passion Fruit Margaritas with Chips & Queso

Following our little break, we capped off our Cinco de Mayo fiesta with the Gran Fiesta Tour.  During the ride, all I could think about was how cool would it be if José made an appearance from time to time in Carioca’s on the reimagined Disney Magic.

José in Carioca's

Is it just me, or would you like to see José and his amigos on the Magic?

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