Disney Cruise Line Exclusive Chamilia Charm Beads

Disney Cruise Line Chamilia Beads - Display

Late last year, Disney Cruise Line began selling a test run of new Chamilia bead designs exclusively for sale on the ships. The initial batch sold out very quickly, and in December we were informed the beads would be available again by late February, or early March.

Disney Cruise Line Chamilia Beads - Sign

Unsure about the availability of the Chamilia beads, we made a trip to White Caps, Deck 3 forward on the Disney Fantasy, immediately following dinner the first night of our recent cruise. The entire Chamilia bead display was sitting atop the glass showcase for easy viewing. Sure enough, all four of the exclusive Disney Cruise Line Chamilia beads were available.

Disney Cruise Line Chamilia Bead Pricing
as of March 15, 2013

  • Life Preserver with DCL Logo $50
  • DCL Logo Bead $50
  • DCL Mickey Head Anchor $45
  • DCL Logo Cruise Ship $45

Remember, if you are Gold or Platinum Castaway Club member you will get an additional 10% off your duty free purchase.

Disney Cruise Line Chamilia Beads - Bracelet

As you can see my wife is well on her way to building a second bracelet.

There was a special offer listed in Tuesday’s Personal Navigator for 10% off the DCL Logo Cruise Ship bead with purchase of a Chamilia bracelet which was selling on the ship for $58.50. According a Cast Member working in White Caps, this promotion is ongoing, not just when it is listed in the Navigator. That being said, if it is not listed in the Navigator it would not hurt to ask, but I would caution that this could change at any time so please do not expect it.

The majority of the non-DCL exclusive, Disney Chamilia beads and charms available onboard can be also be purchased at various Disney Parks & Resorts retail locations, as well as, online directly from Chamilia or at DisneyStore.com.

Disney Cruise Line Chamilia Beads - Close up Life Preserver & Sh

There is also an older Chamilia Cruise ship bead (pictured above – bottom right) which was once sold on the Magic & Wonder, and is still available from Chamilia for $35.

All four of the new bead designs remained available through out our 7-Night cruise. So, I’d suggest not over paying for these on eBay if you are sailing in the near future.

UPDATE: New DCL Chamilia Beads Available – August 2014

There are two new Chamilia charms available on the ships. One features Steamboat Willie ($45) over a ship’s wheel and the other is a bead with Mickey heads and anchors ($55). Thanks to joycsk on the disboards and her husband for sharing these photos with us.

NEW DCL Chamilia Charms

20 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Exclusive Chamilia Charm Beads”

  1. Kristen

    I wanted the DCL logo ship bead and didn’t buy it on our honeymoon because I have Pandora and not Chamilia. I regret not buying it now cause I can’t even find it anywhere not even on ebay 🙁 Do you know of any way to get it other than on the ship? I would love to go on another disney cruise, but we can’t afford it yet…

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Unfortunately, no. These are exclusive to the ships. The old non-DCL cruise ship bead was at one time available around the various locations at Walt Disney World.

  2. Claire

    Do you happen to know some of the other jewelry designers they carry on the Disney Dream? When I was on the cruise the December I fell in love with a beautiful rose gold ring and completely forgot the designer. I have had trouble finding it online (I don’t think it was Sophia Fiori) and can’t stop thinking about it. Can you help?

  3. Angelique

    Would your wife be willing to sell her DCL charm? Or if you happen to go anytime soon I’d be more than happy to purchase one from you =)

    1. Emily

      My charms are not for sale. In fact, I am building a bracelet and plan on getting two more on our next cruise (provided they have the beads available on board).

  4. Kim Fawley

    Kim says:
    Scott, any suggestions for how to purchase two of these charms? I’ve checked with the Disney Store and with Chamilia and neither of them can help me. I cruised on the Magic in June, but I didn’t buy the charms while on the ship. Now, I am scrambling. Please advise.Thank you.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      These charms are exclusive to the ships. There are a couple options that come to mind short of booking another cruise. Check around to see if anyone you know well enough and trust would be willing to buy them for you. At last resort, I would look on eBay, but keep in mind when they do show up, sellers are asking a hefty price. Personally, I’d avoid overpaying on eBay.

    2. Vicki Foat

      Hi Kim, my name is Vicki and we are from Australia and we are cruising in sept 2014 and if they were available and you still don’t have those charms, I would be happy to buy them for you and post to you once we get back to orlando from our cruise on the 25th sept. let me know if you would still like them.

      1. Nancy

        I am also looking for the Disney cruise ship with logo for my daughter. How would you work out payment? If you send it COD, I would pay any additional charges involved. Do you know how much a charm costs? I have seen 2 prices, $100 and $45. Where in Australia? We visited relatives in Sydney and Melbourne 10 yrs ago.

  5. carolina

    do you know if these are available on the Disney Wonder? We are sailing the Wonder in October. Thanks, Carol

  6. Andrea Cook

    Does anyone actually READ prior to asking questions? The majority of comments placed are basically redundant questions which could be easily answered by simply reading the article above and/or its previous comments. It’s like a daycare in here!


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