Disney Cruise Line’s 15 Magical Years Merchandise

The Disney Magic began sailing in 1998 and this year marks Disney Cruise Line’s 15th Birthday!  In celebration of their crystal anniversary a new line of merchandise has been created, featuring a 15 Magical Years Logo along with a collage of familiar images.  This past Friday on the [Disney_Fantasy] the new merchandise was announced  in the Personal Navigator, and would go on sale when the shops opened after we left Castaway Cay.   In the morning, we made a detour past Sea Treasures before heading ashore to get a quick peek at the new merchandise as the cast members were unpacking and setting up the new merchandise.

Disney Pins

The first item, which has been available since late January is an open edition spinner pin featuring Captain Mickey, Minnie Mouse, and Pluto on one side with the 15 Magical Years logo on the other.  The pin retails for $11.95 (SKU: 7233584), and be be ordered via DisneyPins.com.

DCL 15 Magical Years - Spinner Pin


There are zippered hoddie jackets with the 15 Magical Years logo embroidered on the chest and the back, and anchor on the front right pocket, an DCL compass and Captain Mickey patch on the sleeve.  The teal version is $59.95 while the Navy is $54.95.  A children’s version was available in Navy for $34.95.  I did not see a teal version available in the smaller size.

DCL 15 Magical Years - Zippered Hooded Jacket

The latest trend at Disney with all over, full color printed shirts continues with this women’s collage t-shirt for $24.95.  The printing process creates unprinted areas depending if the shirt was wrinkled during the printing process.  I struggle with this technique as it sometimes makes the end product look like a sloppy production error, but at other times a truly unique and one of a kind custom shirt.

DCL 15 Magical Years - Womens Collage Shirt
DCL 15 Magical Years - Long & Short Sleeve T-Shirts

Regular long and short sleeve t-shirts are available in various sizes and colors.  The short sleeves shirts have the logo on the chest and collage on the back.  These are available in burnt orange, white, and grey for $24.95.  The long sleeve shirt has the collage and logo on the front with Disney Cruise Line screen printed on the left sleeve for $27.95.

Finally, in the shirt department a shirt for the little ones feature a modified collage and logo with Sailor Pluto for $12.95.

Christmas Ornaments

Two new Christmas ornaments have been added to the already expanded holiday collection.  The first is a standard glass ball with the collage and logo for $11.95.

The other ornament is line with the other Disney mouse ear ornaments.  This one in particular has Captain Mickey on one side with the reverse the bow of a Disney Cruise ship flanked by the DCL and 15 Magical Years logos on the ears.  This ornament sells for $19.95.

Photos & Scrapbooks

A new scrapbook and scrapbook set has been created for the 15th anniversary.  The scrapbook includes 15 page protectors, 15 assorted color sheets, and 1 paper folder for $29.95.  The Scrapbook kit which sells for $14.95 includes sticker and boarder sheets to enhance the scrapbook.

DCL 15 Magical Years - Photo Album

A photo album is available for $24.95 and includes 40 self adhesive photo sheets and is acid & PVC free to keep your photos safe.

Display your best family photo taken on the cruise with this photo frame suitable for a matted 5×7 photo or the 6×8 photos which are printed out and placed in your Shutters portfolio. This photo frame is $11.95.

DCL 15 Magical Years - Photo Frame 5x7-6x8

Miscellaneous Accessories

If you are in the market for a small memento of the 15 year celebration you can pick up a rubber key chain with the 15 Magical Years logo for $6.95.

DCL 15 Magical Years - Luggage Tag

To help locate your luggage in the terminal, or on the baggage carousel there is an oversized luggage tag with the collage and the 15 Magical Years logo for $8.95.


Protect your Android Samsung Galaxy S III with this new hard shell case feature the collage and 15 Magical Years logo.  The case is $32.95.

DCL 15 Magical Years - D-Tech Android Samsung Galaxy S III Case

Sorry Apple users, there were no versions available for any of the iOS devices.  The previous batch of DCL iPhone cases are still available for the iPhone 4/4S, but iPhone 5 users are currently left without any DCL options.

Last but certainly not least is this neoprene iPad/Tablet case for $24.95.  This was my one any only purchase and fits the iPad much better than my previous slip case.

DCL 15 Magical Years - D-Tech iPad/Tablet Neoprene Case

At this time this merchandise is only available on the ships and is limited to two per guest per style.

DCL 15 Magical Years - Limit 2 per Style  Sign

What do you think of the 15 Magical Years merchandise?

15 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line’s 15 Magical Years Merchandise”

      1. Jeanna

        Would you happen to know where I could get the navy blue sweatshirt for the Disney cruise line’s 15 Magical Years in size medium or large?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Mike, I’ve heard the commemorative Coke bottles were/are given as Castaway Club gifts while sailing. The only place I’ve seen to buy them is on eBay, but the sell price have been $200+.

  1. valbob89 seller name

    I have a coke bottle under auction right now (March 5, it closes about midnight March 8, and is currently $45. I mis-marked the shipping, which will cost me about $12-13, so it’s a better value at this price compared to the “buy it now.” Considering that issue began around March 2013, DCL will probably stop giving them as in-cabin gifts this month. Just speculating. –Bob

  2. sumfreebird@gmail.com

    I am looking for a DCL magnet we saw last week on on board the Magic but through internet searches I know they sell it on other ships. It is the shape of Mickey’s head has Mickey in one ear, Minnie in the other and Pluto in the middle. The face is a spot for a picture. I am looking to purchase, searched the internet all day and have come up short so far. I even contacted the Disney store and DCL. Anyone?

  3. Pamela Terekhova

    We went on a wonderful cruise in January of this year and now I want to make a scrapbook or photo album for my daughter – can I buy the scrapbooks or photo album somewhere other than on the ship?


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